We are surrounded by an abundance of information. An endless supply of recommendations on how to improve our lives…. Eat this, workout like that, meditate, crossfit, yoga, take this supplement.

Everyone is selling an approach and grabbing for your attention AND that can leave you paralyzed with confusion.

The answer to your struggle is out there masked underneath layers and layers of information.

I want to help you succeed in your transformation.


Select the approach that fits your goals.


Massage Therapy 


With over 17 years of massage experience, she specializes in working with athletes of all fitness levels and individuals with injuries. Live your life with passion and recover with massage.

Yoga 101


Remember when you wanted to take that yoga class but became filled with apprehension? You weren’t familiar with the names of poses. You thought you didn’t have the flexibility. You weren’t sure what props you needed by your mat. And frankly you didn’t want to appear out of your element. Yoga 101 prepares you for the class you want to take.

Strength & Conditioning  


What's the best exercise for you?? The one you LOVE doing!!! You don't have to train like an athlete to get results. Let's get started today!                       



“Gia is the best massage therapist. She has me to a new level of life. There is a reason for every interaction with people." ~P.C.